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As a wealth management professional, you know that financial advisors and portfolio managers are challenged now more than ever to deliver outstanding client service in a fast-changing investment climate, where meeting client expectations means providing a personalized, proactive omnichannel experience.

Whether, as a wealth management professional, you have built your firm's reputation on strong relationships, innovative products, astute insights, or reach and scale, none of these are enough to satisfy the expectations of tomorrow’s high-net-worth investors. Individual and institutional clients alike are looking for new opportunities and strategies to help them protect and grow their hard-earned wealth but, even more so, they are also looking for new and modern ways to work with their investment advisors and wealth managers, whether at work, home, or anywhere else. They expect proactive professional service, advice, and insights, in-person and online.

As consumer behavior continues to evolve around multiplying digital options, delighting investors presents an existential challenge for wealth managers, brokers, and portfolio managers. Delivering consistent, exceptionally high-quality service across channels and devices, just as in real life, requires investing in the right back-office technology.

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Fidelity Clearing Canada (FCC) created its powerful uniFide® digital business platform to help you meet these expectations without the requirement to invest in developing your own systems and IT environments. uniFide® does it all for “u” – streamlined account opening, data insights, automated reporting, alerts, and more, while also giving you access to FCC’s market-leading knowledge, expertise, and custody and clearing solutions.

Let’s look at these industry challenges in more detail and how uniFide® positions you to overcome them.

The wealth manager’s challenge: high client expectations and intense competition

While the investment climate has changed significantly in 2022, client expectations remain as high as ever. Companies in the wealth management sector must work harder to protect clients' hard-earned wealth in a world with rising inflation and interest rates and even greater political uncertainty.

As well as finding returns in a more volatile world, the way clients select advisors is changing. Each firm in the wealth management industry has a unique proposition based on attributes of service quality, client relationship value, trusted partnerships with other service providers, research and insights, product offerings, and much more. However, for many advisors, such differentiations are no longer enough.

Clients expect wealth management professionals to be as easy to work with online as face-to-face, and they expect to be able to transact business from anywhere – in the office, at home, or on the road. For brokers, portfolio managers, and their investment advisors, this means being able to sign clients up quickly and efficiently and manage AML and KYC requirements without skipping a beat. It can mean discussing a range of investment opportunities with your client directly – virtually or in-person – and being able to drill down into the data instantly to refine their needs and select the right opportunity for them. It also means making sure that these investment transactions can be executed smoothly and securely to avoid costly mistakes.

The business challenge for you as a best-practice wealth management professional is not whether to respond to this challenge but rather, what is the best way forward. There are plenty of financial advisors today who are capable of delivering the type of service clients want, making it even more critical for you to optimize your firm’s service offerings – and fast.

Leveraging technology to meet the new wealth management challenge

The digital business technology challenge is driving fresh thinking for many involved in the wealth management sector. In the past, professionals relied on their relationships and expertise to satisfy clients, while technology took a back seat to the offering.

Many brokers, portfolio managers, and their advisors are urgently assessing how technology can help enhance client service and navigate the opportunities and pitfalls of tomorrow’s investment market – as well as how using automation helps reduce operating costs and the chance of errors that can harm reputations. If you are one of them, you owe it to yourself and your clients to learn more about uniFide®.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based platforms like uniFide® offer a compelling business case for wealth managers, brokers, and portfolio managers looking to add powerful technology capabilities to their client offerings. SaaS-based platforms utilize cloud computing environments so that companies with little or no technology resources can implement market-leading capabilities without needing to recruit additional IT staff or build complex IT environments. SaaS-based platforms deliver powerful functionality ‘out of the box,’ so there is little need for coding skills or a large project management team. They are designed to be easy to use by employees and clients and use industry-standard security protocols to maintain a secure and compliant environment.

uniFide®: your platform for success

uniFide® helps you deliver the service experience and the results your clients expect. It transforms, simplifies, and streamlines the way you work, in the office, away from your office, and in collaboration with your clients. Its valuable functionality helps you better manage your relationships throughout the entire client lifecycle.

Open client accounts for individuals and families by using digital signatures and straight-through processing to make it quick, easy, and secure. Automatically check the documentation for AML and KYC requirements and avoid time-consuming NIGO issues. Perhaps best of all, just enter data once and be sure that it has populated all of your FCC applications, saving you time and your clients time, and reducing the chance of errors.

Review your clients’ investments quickly and easily, and drill down into the data to understand the trends and dynamics that can highlight the next stages of their investment journey and provide you with new investment options to propose. Export these insights to Excel and PDF to provide detailed guidance for your clients to review at their leisure.

Access client data on your mobile device or PC so you can move swiftly and confidently as new opportunities emerge. Turn to uniFide® to access all the FCC services you need, when you need them, so you can focus your time and energy developing productive relationships with your clients while the technology looks after itself.

All this and more — plus, access to the full depth and breadth of FCC’s exceptional custody & clearing expertise and resources are never more than a click away.

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